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The Secret Art of Enhancing Customer Experience

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Business and community organizations across all industries strive to provide the best customer experience. Much of it comes naturally, but there are things you can keep in mind that can really take it up to the next level. These are things we try to keep at the forefront, as we take pride in making sure every customer (or patient) that interacts with us and our daughter companies has the best possible experience. So while a lot of this seems obvious,  we thought we’d take a second to think about how you can enhance the experience of your customers or people that interact with your organization. The Rutter Organization’s top priority is giving back to the community and so we try to make sure that patients that interact with our Home Health company or folks looking to use our tax services are provided the best service.

The problem with customer service is that it is very difficult to measure. For example, how do you measure a genuine and positive connection with a would-be-customer that ended up not utilizing your service? These things still matter, of course. Just because they don’t go with your business this time does not mean they won’t remember a good experience. How do you keep track of the friendly interactions between customers and your employees and how do you quantify or qualify them? It’s very difficult and yet, CEOs and company executives often cite customer service as one of their top priorities. So as a business or company or corporation, your dedication to the customer is everything and carelessness in this regard can mean things falling apart.

First off, you have to care.

Think of It This Way…

Many people might consider customer service the simple act of being nice or kind or polite to your customers with the intent of selling them your service or product but effective customer service comes from a more profound cultivation of values and principles. You can’t always be perfect and you can’t always please everybody, but remaining loyal to your values and principles as a company is a great start to ensuring your business is providing a good experience. You want your organization to stand for something and to emanate positive energy all the time.

The Butterfly Effect

Little efforts have big consequences. Every interaction with a customer has the potential to build to something bigger and long-lasting. Every effort, in other words, equals loyalty. Chances are that no matter what business you’re in, building meaningful and lasting relationships with customers is part of what forms the fiber of your business or cause. One interaction with your organization can inform that person’s impression of who you are for years to come.

Don’t Assume

Don’t assume that the tenets of customer service automatically transfer to your staff and employees. Talking about what makes good customer experiences and how important all interactions are with customers, is something that good training programs and ongoing training should take into account.

Be Creative

Customer experience is also about showing why your company and/or organization is different than others and why it is the right choice. Address people’s needs in a creative way focused on providing something unique that can be remembered. Reach out to them, give gifts to apologize for mistakes, provide new solutions, etc.

Ask and Receive Feedback

This is a big one and our pride might often get in the way of truly listening. Getting customer feedback, however, can be really helpful in improving ways to communicate with people that maybe you hadn’t considered before. After all, you are on the inside of things and might not always have a clear view of how things look from the outside. Showing restraint and patience can really open up your ears to new ideas or viewpoints that help alter your service for the better.

Know Your Community and Your Product

Depending on what business you’re in, your interaction with customers might vary. Regardless of that, however, really knowing your product and understanding the community you are serving, will help in better communication and better customer experience.

The Rutter Organization is focused on taking a leadership role with its daughter companies. Both of our companies serve the community in very different but important ways. We see the butterfly effect that good service can have on a community as a whole, which is why we strive for better things, always.


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