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The Role of In Home Healthcare for El Paso’s Most Vulnerable

elderly lady receiving assistance from an in-home health care company

Our city is special.  It lies on the border between the U.S and Mexico. IT has a unique culture and a population that is hardworking and understands the meaning of family. The Rutter organization began in the late eighties with the vision of helping the El Paso community thrive. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to do just that. One of the ways we try to make a considerable difference in the lives of El Pasoans is through home health services. Our daughter company specializes in providing compassionate healthcare to the most vulnerable populations and through this service we hope to make a difference, one life, one family at a time.

No one person can change the world, but we would be surprised just how much influence one person can have if they put their hearts and minds to it. Desierto Home Healthcare, our daughter company, is dedicated every day to helping people that are in a tough spot in their lives.  Whether it is because they are recovering from surgery, condition, or are suffering symptoms of a more acute illness.

People That Need In-Home Care Are More Vulnerable

Caring for people at home is a noble pursuit. It requires a certain amount of expertise, patience, and creativity. Yet, any person working in the healthcare industry will tell you that the main reason they do what they do is because of innate desire to help others and the fulfillment they get from seeing joy spread across another person’s face.

In-Home Care Helps Relieve Families

Families that have an ill person in their home, often find themselves under a tremendous amount of stress. This is especially true if the person cannot administer their own medications, or has trouble walking, or is in need of some physical therapy that a working family might not be able to provide. Having an in-home nurse helping can provide great relief to a struggling family. It not only ensures that medications are administered properly, that therapy is giving effectively, and that other medical needs are met, but that there is someone taking note of progress and instructing in self-care.

Helps Maintain Independence & Comfort

A lot of times, people that are homebound because of an illness or condition really want to maintain a sense of independence and comfort. Recovering or rehabilitating in comfortable surroundings can be a great help for a lot of people. Staying at home is a great way to encourage people to maintain a semblance of independence by staying at home. This actually helps people stay healthier longer.

Trust the Experienced Care

Here at Rutters Organization, we want only the best service and patient experience for everyone. Our daughter company trains its employees to embrace the responsibility of taking care of others and this is what they do best. As a local community organization, we work towards bettering the people of this community through our services. That includes the tax services that our other daughter company provides.


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