The Rutter Organization

Serving the El Paso Community With Excellent Care

Rutter Organization

At the Rutter Organization, we are the parent company of Tax Matters and Desierto Home Healthcare. We were founded in El Paso to provide unique services to the community. We understand the value of excellent care and deliver to all of our clients and patients. While each of our two companies may be vastly different, they are similar in the fact that the standard for excellent care is the same.

More About Desierto Home Healthcare

Desierto Home Healthcare was established in El Paso in 1986. The mission is to provide the best possible care to patients in the comfort of their own home. After 30 years of services, we have earned the distinction of being one of the southwest’s most complete home healthcare agencies. The company is licensed in the state of Texas and is certified by Medicare. Some of the many services include in-home nursing care, medication management, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, Alzheimer’s and Dementia care and more. Treating patients in their own home has proven to be very successful.

Why is Home Healthcare Better?

Many people ask the question all the time, why is home healthcare better? The professionals at Desierto Home Healthcare understand the answer all too well. Patients that don’t have to take the time and effort to travel to an appointment undergo less stress and pain. Not only that, patients also respond better in the comfort of their own home.

Tax Matters

When it comes to detail oriented accounting and bookkeeping services, Tax Matters delivers. They have been serving El Paso since 1988. Not only are these experts accurate, but also affordable. Not only do our tax experts offer great tax filing services, but you can also turn to them for payroll services and important bookkeeping and accounting needs. You can count on them year round, not just during tax services. Our experts pride themselves on offering excellent and extensive customer service to businesses of all types and sizes. There is not a business to small or too big for them to serve.

Providing Service to the Best

When it comes to delivering the best service, Tax Matters and Desierto Home Healthcare deliver. Be sure to contact the Rutter Organization today for more info. We will be sure to connect you with the services you need. We understand the value of good customer care and we are ready to serve El Paso.

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