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How Community Organizations Improve Quality of Life

A community is composed of people that share a common space, cultural characteristics, and other similar attributes. In the El Paso region, we share this wonderful border city and all its unique qualities. The Rutter Organization is deeply invested in the well-being of the region and its people; as a community organization we engage in work that we feel affects our community in a positive way. One of our main missions of course, is health. We know this creates positive impact that extends far beyond the individual but into larger family entities.

Relieves Family Stress

When families find themselves confronted with an ill family member, it creates tremendous stress for everyone involved. It might mean that relatives have to take time off work, quit their jobs, move back home, or make other adjustments in order to accommodate the person that requires assistance. Inevitably, this is a difficult time for all involved. Finding the friendly and professional care allows families to retain some normalcy in their everyday lives without worrying about their sick family member. This tends to give loved ones a respite from the difficult reality of caring for a sick family member. Whether it’s a temporary recovery or a long term issue like Alzheimer’s or dementia, a knowledgeable and caring home health staff will help alleviate the situation.

Improves Mental Health and Well-Being

The main mission of community organizations like ours is people’s health and wellness. Whether a patient just had surgery, is recovering from other trauma, or is elderly and in need of day-to-day assistance, a home healthcare professional can make the difference. Assistance in your home can take several forms: help with chores, physical therapy,  speech therapy, or medication management. Every form of therapy and help will inevitably improve a patient’s living conditions and situation. It relieves families from carrying the full weight of their loved one’s recovery and thus promotes wellness in the family unit. 

Builds Good Habits

Receiving physical therapy, for example, can teach patients important ways to better care for themselves as they recover. They might learn useful exercises and methods to help their own strengthening process. As we reach out to more and more patients, we are also educating people on ways to better care for their health. When patients recover from trauma, accidents, or injuries, taking care of physical and mental health is a top priority.

Be Part of Community Change With The Rutter Organization

Dedicated community organizations like The Rutter Organization dedicates their day-to- day to the betterment of their surrounding areas. We like to look at the bigger picture and we like to think that our two daughter companies serve the El Paso area by providing useful and necessary services that make the whole city better.

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