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When moving into a retirement home or assisted living facility doesn’t appeal to you, Desierto Home Healthcare offers a convenient solution. Whether you are making the decision for yourself or a loved one, our services may just be the right alternative. You can stay where you are and enjoy the comforts of home! Desierto Home Healthcare has been providing comprehensive in-home healthcare and therapy services since March of 1995. Get in touch with us today to learn more about all of our services.

A Wide Range of Comprehensive In-Home Healthcare Services

  • In-home nursing care – If you need assistance with daily chores and activities while recovering from surgery or an injury, this is a great option. From preparing meals to washing and folding laundry, an in-home nurse is there to help. They will give you the extra assistance needed to get through your daily routine without skipping a beat.
  • Physical therapy – When you have limited mobility, making it to appointments can be quite the undertaking. With in-home healthcare services and therapy services, a trained professional can make visits directly to your house to give you the care you need.
  • Occupational therapy – If you need help with mobility for daily living or work skills, one of the members of our in-home therapy services can help.
  • Speech therapy – We are proud to offer adult speech therapy. This is ideal for patients recovering from a stroke or other brain injury as well as any other issues and conditions that may make speaking difficult.
  • Medication management – Medication management is a huge help for many of our patients. Whether old age, an injury, or dementia has stunted your memory and ability to take daily medications, our dedicated home health nurses can help.
  • Assistance with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease – Our offices work with the Alzheimer’s Association to continue in education about the disease. Our in-home healthcare services can offer in-depth assistance to meet your family’s needs. Whether it’s replacing a loved one who has provided care for their duties or providing full-time care 24 hours a day, our team is dedicated to providing quality care to meet your needs in the comfort of your own home.

A Kind and Caring Staff

Whatever your specific care needs may be, we provide a variety of comprehensive in-home nursing care services. Our team is qualified and dedicated to providing great service for all of our patients. We understand that the need for home healthcare can come during difficult times. Our staff understands the care and attention that goes into such a vital role. We treat you and your family members with the respect and care you expect and need.

Contact Us Today

Contact our caring team at 915-532-6064 today to schedule your free consultation. We are located on Camille street in west El Paso, so you can feel free to stop by. We look forward to helping you stay happy and healthy in the comfort of your own home.

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