Exactly halfway between Los Angeles and Houston, and sharing an international border with Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, is the 18th largest city in the U.S., El Paso, Texas. Nestled like a horseshoe around the Franklin Mountains, El Paso is home to 700,000 citizens and part of a metroplex of almost 3 million people located at the intersection of Texas, New Mexico, and Old Mexico. In addition to anchoring the southern tip of the Rockies, El Paso shares the Mountain Time zone with other vibrant and growing mountain west and desert southwest cities such as Denver, Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, and Phoenix.

El Paso is steeped in the history of Spanish Conquistadors and padre missionary settlers. Considering its rugged terrain, one can understand why it was the last holdout for gun-toting lawmen, notorious bad guys, and renegade Indians in the American west. People have been residing here continuously since the late 1500's. Since we are only 60 miles from the Continental Divide, the dry desert climate is mitigated by our 4000-foot elevation. Average temperatures are 60/30 in the winter and 95/75 in the summer--never too hot, never too cold, and always dry. Average yearly precipitation is a mere 8 inches. Leave your umbrella home, but bring your golf clubs and hiking boots. 

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